MHS All Region Results 2016!

This year, we had a RECORD NUMBER of All Region members!!!
Congratulations to the following students for ranking high enough at the TMEA Region 25 All-Region Auditions to earn membership in one of the Region Orchestras!
Symphony (Full) Orchestra
Violin – Emma Hopkins (9) Symphony
Viola – Lauren Tyson (12) Symphony (record for All State)
Viola – Sarah Chun (9) Symphony (record for All State)
Cello – Alex Paradis (11) Symphony (record for All State)
Cello – Jakob Chow (11) Symphony (record for All State)
Cello – Morgan King (11) Symphony (record for All State)
Philharmonic (String) Orchestra
Violin – Josh Dexter (12) Philharmonic
Viola – Jake Myers (9) Philharmonic
Viola – Phillip Stolfa (10) Philharmonic (alternate)
Cello – Yasmine Yash (10) Philharmonic
Cello – Tyler Aguillard (9) Philharmonic
Cello – Porter Slack (9) Philharmonic

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