Thank you to Ms. O’Neill and our INCREDIBLE Orchestra Officers & Students for my AWESOME Birthday!!!!


MHS HS All City Members 2016

Congratulations to the following students for earning membership in one of the MISD HS All City Orchestras!

First Last Instrument Grade
Andre Alquiza Viola (Alt.) 10
Katie Chen Violin 12
Jakob Chow Cello 11
Sarah Chun Viola 9
Hattie Cleveland Violin 11
Shakti Dart Violin 9
Bethany Deitch Viola 11
Matthew Dexter Bass 10
Meggie Duncan Cello 9
Briana Ginorio Cello 11
Rachel Hawkins Violin 9
Cade Holdstock Viola 10
Emma Hopkins Violin 9
Nathan Hughey Viola 10
Lenia Jordan Violin 10
Grant Kieschnick Cello (Alt.) 9
Morgan King Cello 11
Anya Kircher Bass 11
Brandon Lisonbee Violin 12
Madelyn Martinez Cello 10
Jacob Myers Viola 9
Austin Oden Viola (Alt.) 10
Star Okolie Violin 11
Gabriel Parada Violin 10
Alexander Paradis Cello 11
Cherish Scheidhauer Violin 12
Samuel Song Violin 9
Phillip Stolfa Viola 10
Tommy Symalla Violin 10
Lauren Tyson Viola 12
Alec Weigel Violin (Alt.) 10
Sean Williams Viola 9

MHS All Region Results 2016!

This year, we had a RECORD NUMBER of All Region members!!!
Congratulations to the following students for ranking high enough at the TMEA Region 25 All-Region Auditions to earn membership in one of the Region Orchestras!
Symphony (Full) Orchestra
Violin – Emma Hopkins (9) Symphony
Viola – Lauren Tyson (12) Symphony (record for All State)
Viola – Sarah Chun (9) Symphony (record for All State)
Cello – Alex Paradis (11) Symphony (record for All State)
Cello – Jakob Chow (11) Symphony (record for All State)
Cello – Morgan King (11) Symphony (record for All State)
Philharmonic (String) Orchestra
Violin – Josh Dexter (12) Philharmonic
Viola – Jake Myers (9) Philharmonic
Viola – Phillip Stolfa (10) Philharmonic (alternate)
Cello – Yasmine Yash (10) Philharmonic
Cello – Tyler Aguillard (9) Philharmonic
Cello – Porter Slack (9) Philharmonic

MHS Sweets & Strings Recital 

  The MHS Orchestra Sweets and Strings Recital will feature twelve EXCITING performances this Monday April 25 at 7:00 PM in the MHS Auditorium.

In order to qualify for this event, students were required to play the most difficult level of solo and ensemble literature off the Texas Prescribed Music List (PML), receive a Superior rating at the MISD Solo & Ensemble contest AND receive a “Golden Ticket” from their judge. The top three events will be chosen by a judge on Monday and will go on to perform at the MISD Orchestra Honors Recital on May 9, 2016.

MHS Sweets & Strings Recital
Monday, April 25, 2016 – 7:00 PM – MHS Auditorium
Reception to follow performances

Concerto Per Due Violoncelli in G minor, I. Allegro II. Largo by Vivaldi
Neelam Bohra, Jakob Chow, Morgan King, Sarah Lipscomb,
Brandon Lisonbee, Star Okolie, Alex Paradis, Cherish Scheidhauer, Lauren Tyson

La Cinquantaine by Marie
Matthew Dexter, Double Bass, accompanied by J. Ou

Aprés un Reve (After A Dream) by Fauré
Isabel Kilroy, Cello, accompanied

Concerto in C Major, Opus 48, I. Allegro by Kabalevsky
Cherish Scheidhauer, Violin, accompanied by J. Williams

Allegro Appassionato Opus 43 by Saint-Saëns
Hannah LaVoie, Cello, accompanied by J. Ou

Élégie, Opus 24 by Fauré
Yasmine Yash, Cello, accompanied by J. Ou

Concerto in G Major, I. Largo IV. Presto by Telemann
Sarah Lipscomb, Viola, accompanied by B. Garms

Concerto No. 1 in A minor, Opus 33, Allegro non troppo by Saint-Saëns
Morgan King, Cello, accompanied by J. Ou

Concerto in C minor, I. Allegro molto ma maestoso by J. C. Bach / Casadesus
Lauren Tyson, Viola, accompanied by J. Ou

Kol Nidrei, Opus 47 by Bruch
Jakob Chow, Cello, accompanied by J. Ou

Sonata No. 5 in F Major, Opus 24 by Beethoven
Brandon Lisonbee, Violin, accompanied by A. Sujana

Concerto in C Major, III. Allegro molto by Haydn
Alex Paradis, Cello, accompanied by J. Ou

MHS Orchestra ROCKS Solo & Ensemble!

Congratulations to the MHS Lions Orchestra for doing such an incredible job of representing this program and our campus at the MISD Solo & Ensemble competition last Saturday!

Please CONGRATULATE the following students for the SUPERIOR performances!

The “Exemplary” rating is on TOP of the Superior performance. It is an extra medal awarded to those students that truly exceeded the requirements and had an incredibly musical performance.

First                Last                    Event               Ratings
Cheyenne       Ahamed            Solo                  Superior
Grace              Allen                   Solo                 Superior
Andre             Alquiza               Solo                 Superior & Exemplary
Brooke            Aly                      Solo                 Superior
Neelam           Bohra                 Ensemble      Superior & Exemplary
Angelo            Cervantes           Solo               Superior
Jakob              Chow                  Solo                Superior & Exemplary
Jakob              Chow                  Ensemble      Superior & Exemplary
Soobin             Chun                  Solo               Superior & Exemplary
Kelsey             Clark                  Solo                Superior
Jonny              Cogwell             Solo                Superior
Bethany          Deitch               Solo                Superior
Joshua            Dexter               Solo                Superior
Matthew         Dexter               Solo                Superior & Exemplary
Jessica             Edwards          Solo                 Superior
Linda              Egunlusi           Solo                 Superior
Ancel               Furlow             Solo                 Superior
Sweta              Gautam            Solo                 Superior
Alyson             Gelpi                Solo                 Superior
Briana             Ginorio            Solo                 Superior
Ricardo           González         Solo                 Superior
Leena              Guesmia          Solo                 Superior
Kehari             Guice               Solo                 Superior
Andrea           Gutierrez         Solo                 Superior
Caleb              Hammack        Solo                 Superior
Lilly                 Harlowe          Solo                 Superior
Abby               Hayden            Solo                 Superior
Nathan           Hughey            Solo                 Superior
Molly               Johnson          Solo                 Superior
Lenia               Jordan             Solo                 Superior
Kelsey             Kent                 Solo                 Superior
William           Kent                Solo                 Superior
Isabel              Kilroy              Solo                 Superior & Exemplary
Morgan           King                Ensemble       Superior & Exemplary
Morgan           King                Solo                 Superior & Exemplary
Anya               Kircher            Solo                 Superior
Anya               Kircher            Ensemble       Superior
Sarah              Kirkpatrick     Solo                 Superior & Exemplary
James              Latta               Solo                 Superior
Hannah          LaVoie            Solo                 Superior & Exemplary
Jayna              Leach              Solo                 Superior
Everett           Lind                 Solo                 Superior
Sarah              Lipscomb       Solo                 Superior & Exemplary
Sarah              Lipscomb        Ensemble      Superior & Exemplary
Brandon         Lisonbee         Solo                Superior & Exemplary
Brandon         Lisonbee         Ensemble      Superior & Exemplary
Kierstin          Marchal           Solo                Superior & Exemplary
Ralph              Martin             Solo                Superior
Ralph              Martin            Ensemble       Superior
Madelyn         Martinez         Solo                 Superior
Jacob               Morel              Solo                 Superior
Angela             Nesset             Ensemble       Superior
Tyler               Nguyen            Solo                 Superior
Nena               Nunez              Solo                 Superior
Austin             Oden                Solo                Superior
Kaitlin             Oesterreicher Solo                Superior
Star                 Okolie               Solo               Superior
Star                 Okolie               Ensemble     Superior & Exemplary
Gabriel            Parada             Solo               Superior
Alex                 Paradis            Solo                Superior & Exemplary
Alex                 Paradis            Ensemble     Superior & Exemplary
Jonathan        Paredes           Solo                Superior
Nitish              Patel                Solo                Superior
Davin              Price                Solo                Superior
Diego              Reynoso          Solo                Superior
Gabrielle        Rice                 Solo                 Superior
Ruben             Rodriguez      Solo                 Superior
Melanie          Russell            Solo                 Superior
Trevor             San Andres    Solo                 Superior
Cherish           Scheidhauer  Solo                 Superior & Exemplary
Cherish           Scheidhauer  Ensemble       Superior & Exemplary
Daniel             Scher               Ensemble       Superior
Kaylen             Sexton            Solo                 Superior
Willam            Snead              Solo                 Superior
Destilynn        Soders             Solo                 Superior
Phillip             Stolfa               Solo                 Superior & Exemplary
Tommy           Symalla           Solo                 Superior
Lauren            Tyson              Solo                 Superior & Exemplary
Lauren            Tyson              Ensemble       Superior & Exemplary
Nick                 Vannoy           Solo                 Superior
Alec                  Weigel            Solo                 Superior
Maurice          Whitfield        Solo                 Superior
Abigail             Yash                Solo                 Superior
Yasmine          Yash                Solo                 Superior & Exemplary
Allyah              Zarate             Solo                 Superior
Allyah              Zarate            Ensemble       Superior
Melissa           Zuniga            Solo                 Superior

MHS Orchestra News

Symphony Orchestra FINAL Combined Rehearsal February 29, 2016 2:30 – 4:00 PM

This is our FINAL combined rehearsal for UIL Preparation.

District Soccer tournament students are excused per discussion with Coach Helms.



We hope you will be able to join us at the Allen Performing Arts Center to support the MHS Orchestra students performing at UIL Concert & Sight-reading Contest.

Parents are always welcome. As a precaution – please remember that we cannot record the Sight-reading process is any way.

The Symphony Orchestra will perform on stage Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 9:25 AM

The Chamber Orchestra will perform on stage Wednesday, March 2, 2016 at 1:30 PM

The Honors Chamber Orchestra will perform on stage Thursday, March 3, 2016 at 9:50 PM


Solo & Ensemble Contest is coming up!

Solo & Ensemble contest will be held at MBHS this year on Saturday, April 16, 2016.

Students have all received a pack of solos that they may choose from however, if a student is taking lessons with a private lesson teacher we can look at other solo options.

If students plan to compete for a coveted spot on the Sweets and Strings concert to work toward one of the three MHS spots on the MISD Honors Recital, they must play a class 1 solo of the prescribed music list. The Solo & Ensemble judges will choose 10 candidates to move on to the Sweets & Strings concert/competition.

If you want to verify a solo class level, please feel free to contact Ms. Sorgi or Ms. O’Neill or you can look on the prescribed music here:


Auditions are coming!

Auditions for next year’s orchestras are coming soon! We are currently working with MBHS on the audition packets since we share the same feeder middle schools. The goal is to begin auditions around April 4th. This is a month earlier than last year but will assist with the scheduling process and is a deadline set by the MHS Administration.


Lion Pride!

We are SO PROUD of the progress each student has made this year! We love seeing students work hard to reach new goals. We are very excited about UIL next week and the events yet to come this semester! Thank you for being a part of the MHS Orchestra Program.


MHS Parent Booster Meeting

When – Wednesday, March 23rd, 6:30pm

Where – MHS orchestra Room I-106

More information

If you are interested in being a member of the MHS Booster Organization, please put this date on your calendar! If you cannot attend but are still interested, please email Ms. Sorgi (

We have always had a small group of parent volunteers that have been an unofficial Booster group since our inception but now we have finally made it well over the 100 mark of students in orchestra so it is time to work on creating something more structured.

Hope to see you there!

Get Directions


Fawn Sorgi & Meara O’Neill

1400 Wilson Creek Parkway, McKinney, TX, United States


MHS HS All City Members 2015

Congratulations to the following students for earning membership in one of the MISD HS All City Orchestras!

Last First Instrument
Bohra Neelam Violin
Bramlage Seth Violin
Chow Jakob Cello
Chun SooBin Violin
Clark Kelsey Cello
Dexter Joshua Violin (Alt.)
Dominguez Adriana Violin
Edwards Jessica Violin
Ginorio Briana Cello
Jordan Lenia Violin
Juliano Matthew Viola
Kilroy Isabel Cello
King Morgan Cello
LaVoie Hannah Cello
Lipscomb Sarah Viola
Lisonbee Brandon Violin
Martin Ralph String Bass
Moon Nathan String Bass (Alt.)
Oesterreicher Kaitlin Violin
Okolie Star Violin
Parada Gabriel Violin
Paradis Alexander Cello
Patel Nitish Cello (Alt.)
Scheidhauer Cherish Violin
Stolfa Phillip Viola
Weigel Alec Violin
Yash Abigail Violin
Yash Yasmine Cello


MHS had two students make it through the rigorous process to become a member of one of the All State String Orchestras! This is quite a feat as we are part of one of the most competitive and difficult Regions in the State for Orchestra!!!!

We are EXTREMELY proud of these gentlemen and would like to congratulate them on their hard work and diligent dedication!

Sai Sai (Weilin) Ding Cello –

1st chair Symphony Orchestra

Alex Paradis Cello –

3rd chair Philharmonic Orchestra


2015 All Region Results

MHS had two students make the TOP All Region Orchestra this past Saturday! This is quite a feat as we are part of one of the most competitive and difficult Regions in the State for Orchestra! 

We are EXTREMELY proud of these students and would like to congratulate them on their hard work!

Alex Paradis – cello

Sai Sai Ding – cello

These gentlemen will also have the opportunity to
record for All State on October 31.


2015 Solo & Ensemble Results

Congratulations to the MHS Lions Orchestra for doing such an incredible job of representing this program and our campus at the MISD Solo & Ensemble competition last Saturday!

Please CONGRATULATE the following students for the SUPERIOR performances!

The “Exemplary” rating is on TOP of the Superior performance. It is an extra medal awarded to those students that truly exceeded the requirements and had an incredibly musical performance.

Aridi Jana Solo Superior
Bacon Angelie Ensemble Superior
Bohra Neelam Ensemble Superior&Exemplary
Chow Erik Ensemble Superior&Exemplary
Chow Jakob Ensemble1 Superior&Exemplary
Chow Jakob Ensemble2 Superior&Exemplary
Chow Erik Solo Superior&Exemplary
Chow Jakob Solo Superior&Exemplary
Chun SooBin Ensemble Superior&Exemplary
Chun SooBin Solo Superior
Conley Joshua Solo Superior
Conley Tonea Solo Superior
Deitch Bethany Ensemble Superior
Dexter Josh Ensemble Superior&Exemplary
Dexter Joshua Solo Superior
Firuz Zara Solo Superior
Gautam Sweta Ensemble Superior
Gelpi Alyson Solo Superior
Ginorio-Gonzalez Briana Solo Superior
Gonzalez Ricardo Ensemble Superior
Guesmia Leena Solo Superior&Exemplary
Hall Jarrett Solo Superior
Hayden Abigail Solo Superior
Johnson Molly Ensemble Superior
Jones Ana Ensemble Superior
Kilroy Isabel Ensemble Superior&Exemplary
Kilroy Isabel Solo Superior
King Morgan Solo Superior&Exemplary
Kircher Anya Ensemble Superior&Exemplary
Kircher Anya Solo Superior&Exemplary
Latta Ben Ensemble Superior
Latta James Solo Superior
LaVoie Hannah Ensemble Superior
LaVoie Hannah Solo Superior
Lipscomb Sarah Ensemble1 Superior
Lipscomb Sarah Ensemble2 Superior
Martin Ralph Ensemble1 Superior&Exemplary
Martin Ralph Ensemble2 Superior
Martin Raphael Solo Superior
McIntosh Trevor Ensemble1 Superior&Exemplary
McIntosh Trevor Ensemble2 Superior
McIntosh Trevor Solo Superior&Exemplary
Mobley Andrew Ensemble1 Superior&Exemplary
Mobley Andrew Ensemble2 Superior&Exemplary
Mobley Andrew Solo Superior&Exemplary
Nunez Nena Solo Superior
Oesterreicher Kaitlin Solo Superior
Oesterreicher Nicole Solo Superior
Okolie Star Solo Superior
Paradis Alex Ensemble Superior&Exemplary
Paradis Alexander Solo Superior&Exemplary
Rice Gabby Ensemble1 Superior&Exemplary
Rice Gabby Ensemble2 Superior
Sanchez Kathleen Solo Superior&Exemplary
Scheidhauer Cherish Ensemble Superior&Exemplary
Thompson Lauren Solo Superior&Exemplary
Vigil Vanessa Solo Superior
Wright Lyrica Solo Superior
Yash Abby Solo Superior
Zang Hannah Solo Superior